Aug 15, 2020  
2020-2021 Lane Community College Catalog 
2020-2021 Lane Community College Catalog

Criminal Justice, AAS

Length: Two years, 91 credits

Program Contacts

Estimated Cost: $13,830

  • Books/Course Materials - $1,450
  • Resident Tuition and General Student Fees - $12,380

Tuition and fee estimates are based on the prior academic year's rates. Course tuition and fees may change during the year. Learn more and view updated tuition and fee information at

Learning Outcomes

The purpose of this program is to offer preparation for career employment in law enforcement, adult and juvenile corrections, security management, and other public service careers. Transferable to four-year colleges and universities, the program is also job entry oriented, depending on the student needs. Public Safety Careers require criminal and personal background checks.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Apply sociological theory to better understand criminal behavior.
  • Describe the dynamics of interviews and interrogations in investigations.
  • Explain the nature of public safety career paths and their own qualifications for various careers in criminal justice.
  • Express a thorough knowledge of the criminal justice system.
  • Formulate questions that can be addressed with data and collect, organize and display relevant data to answer them.
  • Meet the educational requirements for some entry-level public safety careers.
  • Understand the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge and the need for a well-rounded education in public safety.
  • Use appropriate library and information resources to research professional issues and support lifelong learning.

Program Requirements

General Education

GENERAL EDUCATION courses must be completed with a letter grade of C- or better, or Pass. Only one BI 101, BI 102, and BI 103 counts toward the completion of this degree.

Writing (8 credits) - Complete both of the following:

Math (4-5 credits) - Complete one of the following:

Health (3 credits) - Complete one of the following:

Communications (8 credits) - Complete two courses:

Cultural Literacy (4 credits) - Complete one of the following:

Social Science - Complete ONE of the following tracks:

Science - Complete ONE of the following tracks:

Program Core Courses

PROGRAM CORE courses must be completed with a letter grade of C or better. P/NP not accepted.

Program Electives

PROGRAM ELECTIVES must be completed with a letter grade of C or better. P/NP is not accepted. Complete 12 credits, selected from the following:


  • This program follows Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Requirements .
  • COMM 218 - Interpersonal Communication  meets the AAS Human Relations requirement
  • Co-op internship placements may require a term or more to coordinate. Students who are interested in enrolling in CJA 280  must contact the program coordinator no later than the beginning of the prior term. For example: For a spring-term co-op, the student should contact the program coordinator at the beginning of winter term.
  • For questions about transferring to a four-year university, contact your Academic Advisors for help.
  • Students using lower-credit courses to meet General Education requirements may need to take additional Electives to meet the 90-credit minimum.