Jan 20, 2022  
2019-2020 Lane Community College Catalog 
2019-2020 Lane Community College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Database Specialist, CPC

This program is fully contained in the Computer Programming, AAS  degree

Total Program Credits: 16

Estimated Program Length: Three terms

Offered by the Computer Information Technology  , 541.463.5221

Career Pathway Certificate of Completion Requirements  

Program Coordinator Pam Farr, Bldg. 19, Rm. 156, 541.463.5464, farrp@lanecc.edu

Purpose To prepare technicians for entry-level positions as database specialists.

Advising Deidre Lyons and Elaine Zalonis can be reached at CITPrograms@lanecc.edu

Learning Outcomes 

  • Design, implement, test, debug and document relational database systems using a variety of current tools and technologies.
  • Understand the use of database to support organizational processes.
  • Translate database related problems into SQL logic and expressions.
  • Use appropriate library and information resources to research database technologies and support lifelong technical learning.

Job Openings and Wages Projected through 2022

Career Pathways Roadmap 

Lane County openings - 6
Statewide openings - 91

Lane County average hourly - $39.39; Lane County average annual - $63,454 
Oregon average hourly - $45.07; Oregon average annual - $69,961

Estimated Program Cost

If taking CS 133N and CS 233N    
Textbooks   $531.10
Fees   $636.15
Tuition   $1,888
  Total Estimated Cost $3,055


If taking CS 161P and CS 162P    
Textbooks   $322
Fees   $636
Tuition   $1,888
  Total Estimated Cost $2,846

*Course fees may change during the year. See the online credit class schedule for fees assigned to courses.

Program Core Courses

CORE courses must be completed with a letter grade of C- or better. P/NP is not allowed.