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2022-2023 Lane Community College Catalog 
2022-2023 Lane Community College Catalog

Fitness and Lifestyle Specialist, 1-yr Certificate

Length: 45 credits

Program Contacts

Estimated Cost: $7,773

  • Resident Tuition: $5,963*
  • Technology Fee: $585
  • General Student Fees: $407**
  • Online Course Fee: $60 (if applicable)
  • Books: $669 (Some courses use Open Educational Resources (OER), which are free or low-cost materials.)
  • Program Specific Fee: $30
  • Other Costs / Expenses: $60*** (Equipment)

Costs provided are estimates only. Learn more and view current tuition and fee information at https://www.lanecc.edu/costs-admission/tuition-fees-and-payments/credit-tuition.

Resident tuition is based on all program requirements (general education, core, directed electives).

**General Student fees are paid once each term, depending on whether you are taking classes on Main Campus, or at one of the outreach centers or by distance learning. 

*** Any special info about program costs or expenses.

**** This is the total of all the differential fees attached to the courses in this program.  

Program Learning Outcomes

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for various careers in the fitness industry, including personal training, group exercise instruction, coaching and wellness coaching.

Students who complete this program will be able to:
PLO 1 - Administer various basic fitness assessments including the measurement of cardiovascular endurance, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance in gym or health club settings
PLO 2 - Apply and interpret basic algebraic formulas to fitness assessment data and exercise programming
PLO 3 - Demonstrate interpersonal skills in the areas of leadership, motivation, and communication
PLO 4 - Design and demonstrate safe and effective exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals and groups within current fitness industry standards and best practices
PLO 5 - Respond to the needs of a diverse clientele and demonstrate inclusive practices
PLO 6 - Apply basic behavior modification strategies to enhance exercise and health behavior change with clients
PLO 7 - Apply basic exercise principles related to applied kinesiology, physiology, injury prevention, conditioning, resistance training, and functional training
PLO 8 - Apply nationally recognized standards for fitness and overall health and communicate the benefits and precautions associated with exercise
PLO 9 - Communicate their scope of practice and role within the health and fitness field and the allied health care system and practice appropriate and ethical professional conduct

Program Requirements

Program Core Courses

FLS and PE 280F must be completed with a letter grade of C- or better. P/NP is not accepted. FN, HE, ART, BA, & BT courses may be completed with a grade of C- or better, or Pass.




The FLS program is an ACE, American Council on Exercise, educational partner, such that the FLS curriculum aligns with ACE.

Thus, students are better prepared to sit for the following certifications: 

  • ACE Health Coach
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • ​Personal Trainer

Students can receive discounts on exams and study materials.