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2022-2023 Lane Community College Catalog 
2022-2023 Lane Community College Catalog
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BA 223 - Marketing

4 Credit(s)

Marketing is misunderstood, even by business leaders. Most people think that marketing is just sales, but marketing is much more than sales. In order to be successful, businesses must create products that consumers want, price them competitively, distribute them to where they are demanded, and promote their value. Marketing involves all of these things, and this course will give you practice making decisions related to all areas of marketing.

Prerequisite: BA 101  
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the evolution of marketing in the American economy
  2. Define “value” and explain marketing’s role in creating value for customers
  3. Understand the marketing process to include
  4. Cite the effects that society, economics, government, and technology have on marketing
  5. Explain qualitative and quantitative market research methods
  6. Compare and contrast consumer and organizational markets
  7. Describe the consumer decision making process and the major factors influencing consumer buying behavior
  8. Define the purpose and benefits of segmentation and targeting and describing the major approaches to doing so
  9. Explain the concept of positioning and assessing various positioning strategies
  10. Describe the new product development process
  11. Evaluate product line planning strategies
  12. Explain the stages of the product life cycle
  13. Describe the process of developing brand loyalty
  14. Compare and contrast the marketing of services and the marketing of goods
  15. Describe the role of distribution and explaining the importance of supply chain management 
  16. List examples of major issues that marketers must consider when managing and developing international distribution channels
  17. Explain the importance of integrated marketing communications
  18. Assess the roles of the methods of communication
  19. List the different types of advertising and describing which method is best given certain situations
  20. Illustrate the relationship between price, value, and quality
  21. Differentiate the factors that affect pricing policy
  22. Recognize how the major elements of the marketing process apply to actual marketing situations
  23. State ways in which ethics can be integrated into the marketing process
  24. Understand the importance of relationship marketing
  25. Understand how legal issues affect marketing strategies
  26. Evaluate key trends in the global environment
  27. Understand the best practices in the contemporary marketing process
  28. Incorporate enhanced decision-making among promotional tools and determining cost effectiveness
  29. Understand the advertising strategies in a contemporary marketing campaign

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