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2021-2022 Lane Community College Catalog 
2021-2022 Lane Community College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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APR 261A - Plumbing Piping Sizing and Systems

2 Credit(s)

Designed for Oregon state-registered apprentices employed in the plumbing trade. This course introduces the principles and hazards of backflow prevention, reviews different types of vents that can be installed in a drain, waste and vent system, sewage pumps, sump pumps, corrosive waste, and safety issues.  In addition, this course covers sizing drain, waste, vent (DWV), and indirect waste piping.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1.  Explain the principle of backflow due to back siphon age or back pressure, the hazards of backflow and the importance of backflow presenters
2.  Identify and explain the applications of the six basic backflow prevention devices
3.  Explain installation of common types of backflow devices
4.  Calculate drainage fixture units for waste system, building drain size, sewers and vent systems
5.  Calculate sizing for sewer pumps
6.  Identify and explain sizing requirements of special kinds of waste and vent systems
7.  Explain how a vent system works and the applications of each type of vent required for different drains waste and vent systems
8.  Design vent systems according to local code requirements, and sketch the different types of vents
9.  Identify corrosive waste and explain where they are found
10.  Perform hands-on lab work plumbing with waste, water, gas, vents

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