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2021-2022 Lane Community College Catalog 
2021-2022 Lane Community College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ESL XESC 05164 - Combined Skills Level 4

5 Hours per week

This course focuses on developing low intermediate English language skills and on the rights and responsibilities of community membership. Students will engage in fluent conversations on familiar topics, and provide a short narrative. Students will also identify main ideas, details, and some implied meaning in extended conversations, read a range of increasingly elaborated texts, write texts to address work and family purposes and use digital tools and devices to advance study and workplace skills.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, and with support as needed, students will be able to:

  1. Communicate Information: With support, deliver short oral presentations and compose written informational texts about events by developing the topic with a few details
  2. Explain Ideas: With support, recount a sequence of events, with a beginning, middle, and end and introduce and develop an informational topic with facts and details, use common transitional words and phrases to connect events, ideas, and opinions, and provide a conclusion
  3. Construct Claims: Construct a claim or argument about a familiar topic, introduce the topic, provide sufficient reasons or facts to support the claim, and provide a concluding statement
  4. Understand Central Ideas: With support, explain the reasons an author or a speaker gives to support a claim and identify one or two reasons an author or a speaker gives to support the main point
  5. Practice Cultural Norms: Adapt language choices and style according to purpose, task, and   audience with developing ease in various social and academic contexts and show developing control of style and tone in spoken and written texts
  6. Use Vocabulary: Use context, questioning, and a developing knowledge of English in order to determine the meaning and use of general academic and content-specific words and phrases and frequently occurring expressions in spoken and written texts about familiar topics, experiences, or events
  7. Use Grammar: With support, use simple phrases and clauses to produce and expand simple, compound, and a few complex sentences
  8. Interact:  Participate in conversations, discussions, and written exchanges about familiar topics, texts, and issues. demonstrating appropriate turn-taking and question response 
  9. Learn and Present: With support, carry out short research projects to answer a question. This includes finding a central idea or theme in oral presentations and spoken and written texts, retelling key details, answering questions, explaining the theme and summarizing part of a text using strategies being learned in the course
  10. Use Technology: With support, utilize digital tools to learn English, gather information, and communicate for school, life and work
  11. Demonstrate Study and Workplace Skills: Build on the ideas of others, express ideas, ask and answer relevant questions, add relevant information and evidence, restate some of the key ideas expressed, follow rules for discussion, and ask questions to gain information or clarify understanding

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