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2021-2022 Lane Community College Catalog 
2021-2022 Lane Community College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DA 110 - Dental Health Sciences

3 Credit(s)

This course covers the structure and function of cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the human body, as well as bacteriology, microbiology, physiology, and the importance of these as related to dentistry.

Learning Outcomes
The student will be able to:

  1. Describe the division of the human body using correct directional terminology.
  2. Describe the structure and function of body cells and the structure and function of body tissue.
  3. Describe the histology of the bone, various processes and depressions, and the structure of the vertebral column.
  4. Name the bones of the thorax, pelvis, and extremities.
  5. Describe the types of joints found in the body.
  6. Name the three types of muscles and describe their structure and function.
  7. Describe the action of the muscles, how energy is used for muscular contraction and types of muscle attachment.
  8. Know the general structure and function of the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System.
  9. Explain the function of the main components of the Endocrine System. 
  10. Name the components of the Circulatory System and describe their functions.
  11. Describe the relationship of the blood and Lymphatic Systems. 
  12. Explain the function of the Non-specific Body Defenses and the function of the Immune System.

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