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2021-2022 Lane Community College Catalog 
2021-2022 Lane Community College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2021-2022 Addendum - Lane Community College Catalog

About the Addendum

The catalog addendum reflects modifications to course or program information that was updated after the catalog was offically published, June 26, 2021.


This section includes any modifications to course information that occurred after the initial catalog publication date.

  • Updated 5/9/22 - Completing more than one programming language (CS 161C  / CS 162C  or CS 161N  / CS 162N  or CS 161P  / CS 162P ) will not count as repeat courses at LCC. This supersedes previous information regarding CS 161/162 courses.
    • Note: Students who complete more than one CS 161 or CS 162 programming language course should be aware that transfer institutions may count multiple 161 or 162 courses as repeats, and may not accept them in transfer. Students wishing to complete multiple programming courses should first take a CS 161/162 series and then enroll in CS 133/233 course series for any subsequent programming languages.
  • BT 230  - updated title to Sustainable Paperless Office Practices
  • CE courses - all courses with a CE prefix have been updated to have a COOP prefix
  • DRF 203  - added missing prerequisite (DRF 160)
  • DRF 207  - removed MTH 075 and MTH 085 from prerequisites 
  • DRF 248  - added missing prerequisite (DRF 160)
  • DH 221B  and DH 222A  - dropped down 1 credit each
  • DH 239  - new course added
  • DH 271  - increased by 1 credit
  • ED 220  - new course added
  • GIS 151  - new prerequisite added: MTH 060 or higher
  • HIM 241  - removed HO 220 as a prerequisite
  • HORT 120  - new course added  (5/4/22 update: added to AAOT Lab Science list for 21/22)
  • MUL 205  - removed all corequisites
  • PE 124  - new course added
  • WLD 142  - adjusted prerequisites to be WLD 114  or WLD 122  


This section includes any modifications to program information that occurred after the initial catalog publication date.

Aviation Professional Pilot, AAS

The estimated cost of tuition for Track A is $11,466.00.

Business Management, AAS

BT 223 has been removed and BA 223 has been added to the program core. 

Sustainability Coordinator, AAS

HORT 120 and PH 103 have been added to the program electives list.

Dental Hygiene, AAS

The American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation just approved changes that include adding a new course (DH 239 ) and increasing the program to 93 credits. 

Nursing, AAS

MTH 098 has been added to the list of accepted math courses for the program. 

Graphic Design, AAS

ART 240  has been added as an option to the category, “Drawing 2”.

Energy Management Technician, Building Controls Technician Option, AAS

NRG 103 has been removed from the program. The overall program total is now 93 credits. 

Computer Programming, AAS

ART 288 has been added to the program electives list.

Practical Nursing, 1-yr Certificate

Differential Fees have been updated to $ 4,482.00.

Associate of Science, AS

Chemistry clarification - General and Organic Chemistry series have separate lab courses (2 credits). Completing either the lecture course (4 credits) or the lecture course and its accompanying lab (6 credits total) will count toward the AS degree Science requirement.

Suspended Programs

The following programs are unavailable after Winter Term due to suspension. Students currently in these programs should contact an academic advisor regarding program teach-out and completion options.

Aviation Maintenance Technician, 2-yr Certificate  

Manufacturing Technology, AAS  

Manufacturing Technology Computer Numerical Control Technician Option, AAS  

Academic Advising Team -  advtechprograms@lanecc.edu

Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management, AAS  

Academic Advising Team -  culinaryhospprograms@lanecc.edu

Computer Programming: Mobile Application Development, CPC  

​Academic Advising Team - CITPrograms@lanecc.edu

Programs in Transition

The following programs are under revision and will be transitioning to the Career Pathways Department. Students currently in these programs should contact an academic advisor (culinaryhospprograms@lanecc.edu) or the department (https://www.lanecc.edu/pathways) for assistance.

Commercial Baking and Pastry, 1-yr Certificate  

Commercial Cooking, 1-yr Certificate  

Commercial Cooking: Food Production/Prep Cook, CPC  

Other Catalog Content

This section includes any modifications to other information included in this catalog.

Veterans Benefits and Certification - information about the Basic Choice Act has been removed as Veterans Affairs has rescinded it, effective Aug 1, 2021.

Veterans Benefits and Certification - updated to reflect that programs at Lane Community College are approved by the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs as a qualified training institution for students eligible for VA education benefits.